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White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645
America's Original Red Meat



Broken Willow Bison Ranch is a family owned business located in the Little Belt Mountains in central Montana. We purchased our first buffalo in 1994 after helping a neighbor work his herd. We fell in love with the buffalo and have been raising them ever since.

We take pride in the animals we raise, feeding them native pasture grasses and hay. We offer only pure natural wholesome meat animals and do not use growth hormones, stimulants or any other chemicals.

We sell live animals to ranchers and to those who train cutting horses. Buffalo calves work very well for this. For those of you who want to fill your freezer with good healthy meat, we allow you to shoot and harvest your own animal of choice in the corral or to hunt it.

The buffalo provided warmth and food to many people in the years gone by and is now being re-discovered for its many health benefits. You can now purchase several varieties of jerky, snack sticks, ground buffalo and steaks. Our meat products are "Made in Montana" and are sold under the label name of "TWO FEATHERS".


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